Author: Jill Chapell

Things to Devour! Today- Sunday

Eat. The Devour! Golden Tine Awards Brunch. Enjoy delicious Sunday brunch made by up and coming chefs while celebrating the very best of the 2017 festival films. Drink. The Good Cheer Express: Starr’s Point Loop Edition. Toast the end of the festival with a little sip of everything the region has to offer – beer, wine, […]

Things to Devour! Today – Saturday

Eat. Devour! The Grills: Culinary School Takedown Edition. Enjoy food from the next generation of chefs at the Wolfville Farmer’s Market. Drink. The Bubbles Bus. Enjoy a tour of the beautiful region and sample some of the best wines these vineyards have to offer. Watch. James Beard: America’s First Foodie w/Buffet. Some people, like James […]

Things to Devour! Today – Friday

Eat. Culinary Workshop w/Chef Paul Rogalski. A great meal starts with great stock. See how to make them and what you can do with them. Drink. Devour! Cocktail Pop-Up Party Under the Stars. Didn’t think drinking could be an art? You haven’t tried cocktails Nova Scotia’s world renowned mixologists have whipped up then. Watch. The […]

Devour! for the Cocktail Connoisseur

From signature cocktails to spirit centered workshops, Devour! has the cocktail connoisseur in mind. Start with a tour of the world’s most beautiful bars in Friday afternoon’s feature film Schumans Bar Talks. Follow the film with a boozy tour through the world of cocktails at It’s 5 0’Clock Somewhere Workshop presented by Devour!’s resident bartenders Matt […]

Devour! for the Seafood Lover

It’s no wonder seafood features heavily at this year’s Devour! Fest. We are after all in Nova Scotia! Made possible by sponsors Oceanwise, Clearwater Seafoods and Afishionado, this festival brings the ocean’s bounty to the big screen. Seafood lovers have spoken making the Friday afternoon Devour! Chowder Smackdown a sell-out! No wonder; $10 gets you […]

Devour! for the Emerging Filmmaker

Devour! wouldn’t be complete without the many workshops that cater to film and food lovers alike. This season Devour! is proud to offer a full day intensive filmmaking workshop aimed at the budding filmmaker. Join From the Wild filmmakers, Kevin Kossowan and Jeff Senger, as you hunt, fish, forage, and film in the wilds of […]

Devour! for the Meat Lover

If there’s one thing that sets Devour! apart from other film festivals, it’s the food. And plenty of it! Meat lovers will want to catch the feature-length film Barbecue that explores how an everyday event transcends culture as a way to celebrate community, cooking and friendship. You won’t want to miss the Jamaican Jerk Pig […]

Devour! for the Wine Lover

Whether you fancy a crisp Nova Scotian L’Acadie Blanc or the full-bodied dryness only a Cabernet Sauvignon can offer, you’ll find an event to suit your taste at this year’s festival. From vineyard tours to wine related films, Devour! was made for the wine lover. Unlock the irresistible wine culture of Spain in the Savour […]