Fauna w/Beaufort Legacy

Friday, October 27, 2023    
2:00 pm - 3:45 pm

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Al Whittle Theatre
450 Main St, Wolfville, NS, B4P 1E2

In a forest on the outskirts of Barcelona, an old shepherd and his flock coexist with a high-tech laboratory for animal experimentation. While the shepherd, who himself is sick with a bone disease, watches his profession slip away, the scientists are busier than ever researching the Covid vaccine. A reflection on the relationship between humans, animals, and science in the time of the pandemic. 
Spain, 2023, 74 minutes
Director: Pau Faus
Distributor: Taskovski Films

Beaufort Legacy (Le Beaufort en héritage)
At the heart of a dairy cow farm in Beaufortain, a young girl discovers her father’s legacy and the work that it requires. 
France, 2022, 23 minutes
Directors: Erwan Libaux, Théo Deprez