Why support Devour?


A message from Devour! Directors Michael Howell & Lia Rinaldo on this year's theme

Since 2009, Devour! The Food Film Fest has aspired to change how we think about food through the lens of film. Change is imminent. Climate and environmental impacts can be felt everywhere from hurricanes to the changing polar ice caps. We can better understand our world if we can see it and know more about the effect human activity is making on this beautiful planet.

Our programming is meant to challenge you to think a little differently and make choices that can help affect change. We want to tell every story, not just a one-sided picture of a rosy world. It is time to act differently, buy differently, grow differently and eat differently. We encourage you to bring an open mind to our festival, hopefully take away some life-changing ideas, habits and skills, and recognize that we are all in this together.

We can all make a difference.

Michael & Lia

The Slow Motion Food Film Fest Society (aka Devour! The Food Film Fest) is a federally registered charity. Our mission — to grow awareness of food and its impact on community, society and health through film — is more important than ever. We share these principles in many forms at our flagship Festival in October and at satellite events throughout the year around the world. We create year-round opportunities for training, community engagement and education for adults and youth.

There are many ways to support the work we do:


The most simple and direct way is to donate online here. At the festival this year, you will also find a tiptap display at Devour! Studios allowing you to tap a card of your choice when you are feeling all the feels in the moment. Charitable donation receipts are issued.

Your gift will allow us to use the universal language of food and the storytelling power of film to increase awareness and amplify connections and relationships that make our local and global communities stronger.


It's never too late to join the program, for information on how to sponsor or advertise, contact Michael and Lia via executive assistant Darlene Pomroy via email.


You can both support and enjoy the fruits of the Devour! program by buying tickets. Peruse this year's program here. And, if you want to do even more, consider taking the whole program in as a VIP, the All-Access pass to absolutely everything Devour!.


We can't thank our volunteers enough for the work they do at the festival. Email Volunteer Coordinator, Jill Delaney, to find out how to spend some time with us at this year's festival.

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