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Shorts Program: Slice of Life

Saturday, October 26, 2019    
11:15 am - 1:15 pm


Al Whittle Theatre - Studio Z
450 Main St, Wolfville, NS, B4P 1E2

73 Cows

Jay and Katja Wilde are cattle farmers in England who woefully give their herd of cows to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary and take up vegan organic farming.
UK, 2018, 15 minutes
Director Alex Lockwood


In a coastal village in Colombia, where digging for shellfish is a way of life, everyone must learn to swim eventually. Even little Dulce.
USA/Colombia, 2018, 11 minutes
Directors Guille Isa & Angello Faccini

From the Wild: Easy Wins

James Beard award-nominated filmmaker Kevin Kossowan returns with another sneak peek from his upcoming series, From the Wild.
Canada, 2019, 3 minutes
Director Kevin Kossowan

The Fishnet and the Fish

A young boy who works for a fishmonger is ill-treated, but it does not affect his compassionate nature.
Iran, 2018, 9 minutes
Director Ali Nikfar

The Three Sisters Community Garden (Les trois soeurs: un jardin communautaire)

A young Mi’kmaq tries to reintroduce the “Three Sisters” (the traditional white corn, squash, and beans used in Native gardens) in his community with the help of others.
Canada, 2016, 5 minutes
Director Zach Greenleaf

A Sweet and Sour Christmas

A hard-working immigrant family and their cross-cultural Canadian Christmas.
Canada, 2019, 16 minutes
Director Aram Siu Wai Collier

99 Problems

99 Problems delves into the humorous, charming, but often murky, world of the Irish ice-cream van trade where turf wars are often fierce.
Ireland, 2019, 13 minutes

America: Betty and Larry

Betty and Larry travel the country year-round in their RV. And every October, they settle in North Dakota for the beet harvest, where they work nights to harvest America’s sugar.
USA, 2018, 19 minutes
Director Daniel Klein

Italian Pizza Masters

A lighthearted look at creative pizza makers from southern Italy pushing the pizzaiolo envelope.
Italy/USA, 2019, 18 minutes
Director James Orr