FESTIVAL BITES – Sunday, October 28

Cheers to You!

The last day of the festival is upon us and all of us on the Devour! team want to express our deepest appreciation to you. Our chefs, guests, sponsors, and volunteers pull this festival together but you bring it to life. Thank you for spending this week with us and being living proof of the power of food and film. We hope this has been a transformational experience which makes you think differently about what’s on your plate and that you leave here feeling a stronger connection to food. If you enjoyed the festival, please come back next year, join us at one of our satellite events and spread the word about Devour! The Food Film Fest.


Shake off last night’s festivities and celebrate the very best of the 2018 festival at our Devour! Awards Brunch. We present the Golden Tine Awards for this year’s films in five categories: Best Short Documentary, Best Short Drama, Best Feature Documentary, Best Feature Drama and Best Animation. Our esteemed jury —Anita Stewart (Food Day Canada), Dan Clapson (Eat North) and Greg Rubidge (Syndicado Film Sales)—had their work cut out for them when choosing this year’s winners. This year’s brunch will feature chefs and food from some of the province’s busiest and most tasty brunch locations. Celebrate this year’s winners with us at Lightfoot & Wolfville Winery this morning at 11 am.


We’re privileged to enjoy a week of food and drink with you. Unfortunately, access to food is still a massive societal problem in many communities around the world—including here in Atlantic Canada. Join us for a fundraiser as we give back to the community and help those in need with The Great Devour! Chicken Dinner today. Celebrity chefs from all across Canada will prepare a free roast chicken dinner beginning at 3pm in Robie Tufts Park for those with a pre-issued food bank ticket. Festival-goers are encouraged to join with a $20 cash donation to regional food banks or a $20-value food donation.


This evening’s Closing Gala features three films made in Nova Scotia. Thom Fitzgerald’s lyrical film Splinters tells a story of family and loss set on an apple farm in Annapolis Valley. Douglas Keir Blackmore’s short film Embrace the Blue shares a former UN aid worker’s life-long dream of starting a traditional cheese-making operation in Halifax, NS. Borscht & Fresh Bread is brought to you by Sarah Gignac, and this short recounts an evening when NS filmmaker Lulu Keating receives an unexpected guest. Soak up the last bit of Devour! beginning at 5:30pm.


Eat it Up! Drink it in!


Devour! The Food Film Fest (Devour!) is a transformative food and film experience combining cinematic excellence with extraordinary gastronomic activities. The annual six-day festival hosts 100+ events, celebrated filmmakers and high-profile chefs from around the globe. Devour! takes place in Wolfville, Kings County, the agricultural heartland of Nova Scotia; home to a thriving wine industry and hospitable community with a longstanding farm-to-table ethos. Devour! aims to inspire people to think differently about food and create a deeper connection to it.

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