FRESH PICKS – Tuesday, October 23

From family farming to #foodfilms

Today’s fresh picks profile some of our selections for this year’s Scotiabank Big Picture Program. We have specifically chosen these thought-provoking films to educate and entertain some of our youngest festival-goers as part of our school outreach program. The educational components of these films will be of interest to anyone with a passion for food, agriculture or the environment.


Director Katharina Stieffenhofer

A feature-length documentary about the growth of ecological agriculture, following a growing season from seed to harvest. The film follows the lives of Terry Mierau and Monique Scholte, a couple who gave up a life as opera singers to pursue a passion for small-scale farming. Together with their three young children, they move to Southern Manitoba, with hopes of growing healthy food, raising their children and enriching their community. we experience this beautiful and sometimes harsh world of those who grow our food. The documentary also follows several other Manitoba farmers of various scales, scientists and researchers, and activists. At its core, this film is a celebration of all farmers, and the growing movement of regeneration of the land, farming, and communities for a healthier and truly sustainable future for all of us.


Director David Ma

One in a series of recipe videos shot from the keen eye of Food Artist David Ma. In these #foodfilms, Ma combines a mix of fun, style, and humor in a delicious ode to famous directors. In this rendition, he serves up S’mores fit for The Royal Tenenbaums. Keep your eyes open for David’s four other #foodfilms screening at the festival.

Eat it Up! Drink it in!


Devour! The Food Film Fest (Devour!) is a transformative food and film experience combining cinematic excellence with extraordinary gastronomic activities. The annual six-day festival hosts 100+ events, celebrated filmmakers and high-profile chefs from around the globe. Devour! takes place in Wolfville, Kings County, the agricultural heartland of Nova Scotia; home to a thriving wine industry and hospitable community with a longstanding farm-to-table ethos. Devour! aims to inspire people to think differently about food and create a deeper connection to it.

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