Friday, November 15, 2013    
4:00 pm


Al Whittle Theatre
450 Main St, Wolfville, NS, B4P 1E2

Breakfast for Two

Breakfast for Two

Breakfast for two people never looked so ethereal.

USA, 2013, 1 minute
Director: Andrew & Carissa Gallo


how beautiful japanese morning is

An exercise in mindfulness, as well as on how to make a proper japanese breakfast.

Japan, 2011, 15 minutes
Director: Yuichi Suita


Nettle Fettucine Alfredo

A most exquisite foraged combination. Kitchen Vignettes dishes up the unexpected at every turn in her garden.

Canada, 2013, 3 minutes
Director: Aube Giroux



Take a classic Italian dish and add in a dash of Nova Scotia–featuring Getaway Farm’s Maple Shoulder Bacon and Domaine de Grand Pre’s L’Acadie Reserve.

Canada, 2013, 1 minute
Director: James Ingram


Light Plate

Late afternoon light, streetscapes, hand-processed film, the Tuscan landscape are all kneaded into this pasta dough.

USA/Italy, 2012, 10 minutes
Director: Josh Gibson


Tea for Two

A look at an organic, fair trade Ceylon tea farm in Sri Lanka where an endearing love story was steeped.

USA, 2013, 4 minutes
Director: Daniel Klein, Mirra Fine


Japanese Knotwood Quiche

What would be an invasive weed to one person, is another person’s gourmet fare.

Canada, 2012, 2 minutes
Director: Aube Giroux

Kinfolk Dinner Brooklyn NY

Kinfolk Dinner: Brooklyn, NY

This is exactly what it looks like in your head when you dress up a Brooklyn warehouse and share a meal.

USA, 2013, 2 minutes
Director: Andrew & Carissa Gallo

Where the Water Settles

For hundreds of years, the rice fields of Yunan have been a beacon of beauty and bounty. The Perenial Plate visits this magical place.

USA, 2012, 6 minutes
Director: Daniel Klein, Mirra Fine

Ribboned Asparagus Salad

Ribboned Asparagus Salad

Asparagus. Coarse salt. Ground pepper. Parmesan cheese. Pine nuts roasted. Olive oil. Lemon.

USA, 2013, 2 minutes
Director: Tiger in a Jar


A Time for Foie

The most ethical, thoughtful and, dare we say, sweet tale of a man and his foie.

USA, 2013, 7 minutes
Director: Daniel Klein, Mirra Fine




Warning: You will get hungry watching this film. Eat dessert first.

Canada, 2013, 2 minutes
Director: James Ingram



Part dream, part reality, Reverie explores the visionary cuisine of Chef Jordan Kahn. Sit back and watch this virtual culinary storm from your sublime seat.

USA, 2013, 22 minutes
Director: Natasha Subramaniam, Alisa Lapidus


10 Things We Love About Italy

In a place like Italy, it’s no small feat to narrow it down to a top ten list of favourite foods.

USA, 2013, 5 minutes
Director: Daniel Klein, Mirra Fine