Indigenous Culinary Workshop- Sami Reindeer Cookery w/Heikki Nikula – ONLINE

Location: Online
Date: Sunday, October 24, 2021
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Price: $30 - Buy Now

Heikki Nikula of Restaurant Aanaar, one of the world’s leading Sami chefs from northern Finland, is here in person to give us an example of reindeer cookery and modern interpretations of the foods of the Sami people. He prepares a reindeer dish (using local venison) out of the ingredients that reindeer would traditionally eat in Lapland and a dessert made from ingredients found by the riverside that flows in front of his family-owned Hotel Kultahovi.
Ticket Price: $30.00 online (includes recipes)
Sponsored by: Russell Hendrix, Embassy of Finland Ottawa, Windsor Home Furniture & Bosch Canada
– “Reindeer and its pastry” – Venison prime roast smoked with dry pine needles, venison blood pudding and wild mushroom and lichen seasoned with bilberries, potato purée and balsamic sauce.
– A dessert from the Riverside – Cep ice cream, bilberries, sweetgrass-sorrel juice and angelica granita.

Heikki (Hessu) Nikula
Heikki is the Chef de Cuisine and second generation owner of restaurant Aanaar in the village of Inari in the northernmost part of Finnish Lapland. He is indigenous Sami from his father’s side and from that upbringing, he gained an enormous interest in nature and using wild ingredients in his cooking. He won second prize in a Sapmi cooking competition in 2014. His restaurant Aanaar also won the Finnish Tourism Association’s Top Food Tourism award in 2015. The Finnish Gastronomy Association choose Aanaar Restaurant as Restaurant of the Year 2020 for all of Finland. He specialises in making modern food from the Inari region influenced by his Sami heritage: fish from local waters, reindeer and wild plants, mushrooms, and berries. @hessunikula