The Essence of a Country

The Essence of a Country w/MacKinnon Brothers

Friday, October 27, 2017    
5:30 pm - 7:15 pm


Al Whittle Theatre - Studio Z
450 Main St, Wolfville, NS, B4P 1E2

The Essence of a Country
In Québec, maple syrup is a way of life. This poetic documentary tells the story of the Québecois through their devotion to the sweet amber liquid. With striking northwoods scenery and polemical observations about Québec culture and history, The Essence of a Country is an homage to a people holding fast to their customs and convictions.
Canada, 2016, 106 minutes
Director Françis Legault
Distributor FunFilm Distribution

Screens with:

MacKinnon Brothers
The MacKinnon brothers only use ingredients sourced entirely from their own farm to create their craft beer.
Canada, 2017, 9 minutes
Director James Reid