Devour! for the Wine Lover

Kick off the weekend with award-winning sommeliers Kim Cyr and Amy Savoury. The two team up for Naturally Cultivated: Nova Scotia Terroir, Sparkling, and Icewines. Nova Scotia’s unique climate goes nose-to-nose with world-class sparkling wines similar to those in
northern France and Champagne and produces 80 percent of the icewine worldwide. Sample and pair with these experts.

If you’ve ever considered that wine might run through your veins, you might connect with the film Our Blood is Wine. The country of Georgia produces some of the rarest and most sought-after wines in the world. This 78-minute film shares that story.

Everyone has a wild side. Join @localjenny, Jenny Gammon, from Bishop’s Cellar on the growing movement of natural organic and biodynamic wines. Wild Wines—what it means to be au naturel in 2018.

If wine could talk it would sound like André Tchelistcheff. André–The Voice of Wine is the story of the man who conceivably created California wine as we know it. Save room for dessert and relive the winding tale of winemaking in America, as told through food and of course, wine at the Celebrity Chef Dinner—a culinary experience based on the film.

Without question, Italy is considered the world’s largest wine producing nation by volume and has some of the most diverse and unique wine producing regions. Teleport yourself and let Bishops Cellar’s Kathryn Harding be your guide to the vineyards of one of the most well-known wine regions in the world. Taste of Tuscany is sure you ignite all your senses.

If you’re looking to sit back and relax, The Bubbles Bus is your ticket. Multiple variations of the experience throughout the week give you a taste of Nova Scotia’s award-winning sparkling wines.


Eat it Up! Drink it in!


Devour! The Food Film Fest (Devour!) is a transformative food and film experience combining cinematic excellence with extraordinary gastronomic activities. The annual six-day festival hosts 100+ events, celebrated filmmakers and high-profile chefs from around the globe. Devour! takes place in Wolfville, Kings County, the agricultural heartland of Nova Scotia; home to a thriving wine industry and hospitable community with a longstanding farm-to-table ethos. Devour! aims to inspire people to think differently about food and create a deeper connection to it.

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