Devour! The Food Film Fest Celebrates 2023 Golden Tine Awards Winners 2024 Theme Reveal: Game Changers & Change Makers

Left to Right: Golden Tine Jury member Rose Schoonhoven, Michael Howell, Chef and Executive Director of Devour!, Bill Niven, Lisa Haller, Golden Tine Jury and Lia Rinaldo, Managing Partner, Devour! 

  • The 2023 Golden Tine winner for Best Feature Drama is Tran Anh Hung’s Taste of Things (Pot Au Feu) which is representing France in the 2024 Oscars. 
  • The North American Premieres of The Most Remote Restaurant In the World directed by Ole Juncker won for Best Feature Documentary and She Chef directed by Melanie Liebheit & Gereon Wetzel won an honourable mention in this category. 
  • Best Short Drama was awarded to Chef de Partie by director Ágúst Þór Hafsteinsson. 
  • The Best Short Documentary goes to Mermaid directed by Eilif Bremer Landsend, and Skyline directed by Devour! Alum JR Reid receives an honourable mention. 
  • Best Short Animation is awarded to Remove Hind Legs Before Consumption, directed by Finn Meisner, Lukas WindandLeslie Herzig.

October 29, 2023, Wolfville, NS, Devour! The Food Film Fest awarded its 2023 Golden Tine Awards and is calling all culinary change makers and rule breakers for its 2024 theme. The 14th edition of Devour! The Food Film Fest will occur in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, from October 21st to 27th, 2024. It will spotlight globally recognized visionaries and local heroes who are solving the world’s biggest food challenges or throwing out the rule book and creating game-changing dishes that inspire us to take action in our kitchens, in our communities and around the world. 

“Delicious food and films with a conscience, chefs and filmmakers who change how we look at our world are on the menu for next year’s Devour! and we can’t wait,” says Chef Michael Howell, Executive Director of Devour! “This year’s French feast of films, food and music was a smashing success and we are excited to recognize this year’s filmmakers with Golden Tine Awards.” 

The 2023 Golden Tine Award Jury was made up of Lisa Haller, the Director of Programming at the Atlantic International Film Festival (AIFF), Rose Schoonhoven, a documentary filmmaker born and raised in the Annapolis Valley, and film industry veteran and founder of Idlewild Films, Bill Niven. They reviewed 45 films before making their decisions.   

“Devour! has built a significant international reputation, and I was impressed by the quality of all the films submitted. If you are a film lover, this Festival is a true feast for the eyes and soul,” says Bill Niven, Devour! Golden Tine Film Jury Member. 

“We continue to push the calibre of culinary films we bring to Devour! each year,” says Lia Rinaldo, Managing Director, Devour! “Being able to show North American Premiers and Oscar contenders alongside the best Canadian and international short films and animations makes our festival a must-attend event!” 

The 2023 Golden Tine winners are: 

  1. Best Feature Drama: Taste of Things (Pot Au Feu), directed by Tran Anh Hung, which is representing France in the 2024 Oscars.

About The Film: This is an extraordinary cinematic portrayal of food, with a tender romance at its core; watching this film was a feast in itself. 

  1. Best Feature Documentary: The Most Remote Restaurant in the World, directed by Ole Juncker and an Honourable Mention is awarded to directors Melanie Liebheit & Gereon Wetzel for She Chef.

About The Films: The Most Remote Restaurant in the World is a perfect combination of real-life drama, stunning visuals, and culinary expertise; this documentary is a riveting portrayal of a chef’s race against the odds to open a fine dining restaurant in a remote settlement in time for its grand opening.  She Chef is a captivating portrait of a young female chef determined to explore her love for food while carving out her own path in a male-dominated industry on her own terms. The jury would like to give a special mention to a documentary that captured our hearts

  1. Best Short Drama: Chef de Partie directed by Ágúst Þór Hafsteinsson.

About the Film: For its compelling story of a teenage chef given a daunting task in the kitchen. 

  1. Best Short Documentary: Mermaid directed by Eilif Bremer Landsend, and an honourable mention goes to Devour! Alum director from Toronto, JR Reid, for his film Skyline.

About the Films: Mermaid is set against the stunning backdrop of the rugged Lofoten Islands; we were transported to the Norwegian sea and drawn into a daughter’s journey of following in the footsteps of her fisherman father. This film stood out for its stunning cinematography and memorable subjects. Skyline: The jury would like to acknowledge a film that stood out as a true love letter to a culinary experience. Skyline is a captivating portrayal of an iconic local diner’s special bond with its patrons that is both touching and illuminating.

  1. Best Short Animation: Remove Hind Legs Before Consumption, directed by Finn Meisner, Lukas Wind, and Leslie Herzig. 

About the Film: This is a playful and surprising film with sharp visuals of a plucky cricket determined to survive, paired with an outstanding soundtrack.

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