It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

Friday, November 15, 2013    
7:10 pm


Al Whittle Theatre - Studio Z
450 Main St, Wolfville, NS, B4P 1E2


Two Chips

A perfect moment between a couple caught and animated for posterity and the world.

USA, 2013, 2 minutes
Director: Adam Patch

How to Taste Vino Like a Sommelier

How to Taste Vino Like a Sommelier

Baked Pie. Saddle Leather. A white peach note. There are only 186 master sommeliers in the world and you get to hear from one of them.

USA, 2013, 3 minutes
Director: Kelly Le Castre

Kinfolk Saturdays- Making Soda  Raspberry

Kinfolk Saturdays- Making Soda: Raspberry Soda

Soda. Up close and personal. You’ll never look at a single bubble the same ever again.

USA, 2013, 1 minute
Director: Andrew & Carissa Gallo

The Distiller

Brad Estabrooke is following a dream. And a very boozy one at that.

USA, 2011, 6 minutes
Director: Keith Erlich


Coconut: Nose to Tail

The Perennial Plate travels to Sri Lanka to discovers myriad uses for coconuts and their trees. Toddy, anyone? *hiccup*

USA, 2013, 5 minutes
Director: Daniel Klein, Mirra Fine

Kinfolk Saturdays- Making Soda Lavender Vanilla

Kinfolk Saturdays- Making Soda: Lavender Vanilla Soda

The perfect artisanal soda combination–lavender and vanilla.

USA, 2013, 1 minute
Director: Andrew & Carissa Gallo


Spirit Guides: The Return of Craft Bartending in New York

A Sazerac or a side car, an old fashioned or a gimlet? These are the tipples that the new era or bartenders are looking to not only resurrect, but perfect in today’s bars. No guns filled with sour mix, these are quality quaffs for a discerning public.

USA, 2012, 39 minutes
Director: Jesse White