Urban Farming Program: 3 Acres in Detroit, Homeward, Hands in the Dirt, Green Bronx Machine, ReDane, Grass Water Cows, Brooklyn Farmer

Location: Al Whittle Theatre - Main
Date: Saturday, November 15, 2014
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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3 Acres in Detroit

3 Acres in Detroit

What do you do when your city is broke, its citizenry is underpaid and undernourished, and its youth have next to no support? You farm.

France/USA, 2014, 12 minutes
Director Nora Mandray
Distributor Detroit Je T’Aime



Community is more than a watchword for these organic oregano farmers in Mexico. It is a means of sustenance, both personal and gastronomical.

USA/Mexico, 2014, 4 minutes
Directors Daniel Klein & Mirra Fine
Distributor The Perennial Plate & Real Food Media Project

Hands in the Dirt

Hands in the Dirt

Farmers in Richmond, British Columbia fight to keep their land and dreams alive against the threat of developers and Vancouver’s hip urban farming.

Canada, 2013, 14 minutes
Directors Mik Turje & Javier Ojer
Distributor Dandy Shots

Green Bronx Machine

Green Bronx Machine

Follow the lives of youth who say that a farming program for inner city youth saved their lives.

USA, 2014, 3 minutes
Director Stephen Ritz
Distributor Real Food Media Project



The Danish countryside has become a factory, dangerously limiting farming potential and the variety of local foods. ReDane offers an innovative map for the future.

Denmark, 2013, 12 minutes
Director Andreas M Dalsgaard
Distributor ELK Film

Grass, Water, Cows

Grass Water Cows

Argentina is losing its reputation as a bastion of grass-fed beef with feedlot meat flooding the market. But Las Dos Hermanos believe in the old ways.

USA/Argentina, 2014, 9 minutes
Directors Daniel Klein & Mirra Fine
Distributor The Perennial Plate

Brooklyn Farmer

Brooklyn Farmer

Farming is not just a rural concept. For the gang at Brooklyn Grange, farming in urban climes is doable, even if it does present its own set of challenges.

USA, 2014, 27 minutes
Director Michael Tyburski
Distributor {group theory}



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